Hi we're Gem and Alex...

We love travelling the world in search of beautiful beaches, remote mountains, the tastiest street food and the most interesting wildlife.
Up until 2017 we've both been working full-time in the corporate world, Gem as an Insurance Product Manager and Alex as a Network Engineer. At the same time, we've spent our weekends extending and renovating our house in rural Hampshire, UK. We’ve managed to fit in some awesome holidays as well – but having well and truly caught the travel bug they don’t ever quite hit the spot.
But we've decided life is too short, and in September 2017 we gave up the 9-5, to start travelling the world and we'll be sharing all of our experiences with you. If you like what you see please follow us, and look out for us on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube as well!



In 2004 I (slightly drunkenly) agreed to head off to Australia for two months during the university summer break with a friend. Before that the only travel I’d experienced were a few family holidays and trips with friends to Europe. We spent two months travelling the East Coast of Australia, living out of a backpack and eating instant noodles, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I’d also caught something… the dreaded travel bug!
Finishing university, a year later I knew I wanted to travel again, so after a visit to the STA travel I was all set to head off on a year backpacking on my own. Having met a few people on online chat rooms (not as weird as it sounds!) I spent the first few weeks in Asia with Polly, before arriving in the land down under. Leaving Polly to get work, I set off on my own adventure, and met Jo from Denmark, she had an awesome car, and wanted to share the driving up the West Coast of Australia – this was the start of my favourite road trip ever, and the start of a great friendship. After parting ways, I followed the normal backpacker route onwards to New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii, USA and Canada, and I met some amazing people along the way – a number of who I’m great friends with now.
Since returning to the UK I’ve always wanted to travel again, but life got in the way – I focussed on my career, and then when I met Alex we bought ourselves a rather rundown house and spent several years renovating it. During that time we’ve had some awesome holidays though, exploring the Philippines, Iceland, Costa Rica, Panama, Mauritius and much more. But we finally decided 2017 was the year for us to give up the corporate world, and head off and travel the world.

Countries visited: 49

Favourite country: Tough one.

I have a great fondness for the West Coast of Australia, it’s got some fabulous landscapes but it’s also really easy to travel. But at the same time some of my favourite experiences are in more remote places – Apo Island in the Philippines is definitely up there, but doing a liveaboard diving trip in the Maldives has been my best trip yet. Hobbies: I’m an absolute water baby! Scuba diving, swimming, surfing – I’m at my happiest by or in the sea I also love a good book, and can laze a day away absorbed in one.


I never went to University, technically have very little education and somehow ended up working solidly since I was 17. Its all worked out great though and despite pretty successful career so far I never felt like I've taken any real time out like many others who enjoyed the party years of University or gap years travelling - so what better time than to do so now at 36 years old!
Not long after I met Gem I realised that I'd met someone with such similar sense of adventure - a shared love of water, the sea, the natural world, wildlife and best of all food! We both have such similar tastes in food and adventure that we've since had some amazing holidays, but of course this much bigger trip was inevitable.
I can't wait to sample and learn about the amazing flavours of food throughout Asia and of course the rest of the world.
A very wise friend of mine once told me that experiences are the only "things" that can never be taken away from you - he's absolutely right and the time to gain as many experiences as possible, is right now, while we still have (a little) youth on our side. Hopefully we can share as much of that as possible with you.

Countries visited: 34

Favourite country (So far): Nepal. Or maybe Iceland. Or possibly Costa Rica
I find this so difficult to answer - you'll notice that both Iceland and Nepal feature mountains, snow, ice and extremely remote landscapes. I think i'm drawn to these beautiful rugged areas far more than places with loads of people.
But, having said that, Costa Rica is one of the most friendly, warm, bright and vibrant countries we've ever visited with a huge diversity of tropical wildlife, birds and plants and has such a laid back atmosphere its just gorgeous. Not to mention there is so much to do outside - surfing, rafting, zip lines, volcanoes, hot springs that it has to feature very highly on my list of favourites